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Language Assistant

language assistant

Having a teacher in your home is one of the best ways to learn, improve and expand your knowledge of a foreign language. Why?

Simple: a home-based teacher will live with you as part of your family, and is there to learn and to teach - providing full cultural immersion.

The Language Assistant is someone who is not just trained but has a love of teaching.

This is a family-based programme as the private classes are for all the family!



  • Maximum 15 hours/week (2 or 3 hours/day) from Monday to Friday
  • Conversation and grammar
  • Private classes for the whole family
  • Own room with space to store their belongings
  • Full board, when this person is in the house
  • Forms part of the family
  • Help this person to hone their skills in Spanish and to appreciate Spanish culture
  • This person is not involved in household chores or childcare
  • Weekly wage: €60.00


  • Friendly nature and interested in experiencing Spanish culture
  • Final year student or qualified teacher
  • A teacher who is there to work and spend the duration with a Spanish family
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish
  • Should prepare the classes beforehand
Au pair/ Host Family REQUIREMENTS



where we are?

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Phone: +34 941 046 681

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