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Language Assistant

au pair/ host family

Being Au pair is an enriching experience where you learn not only the language but the lifestyle, culture is also shared... During your stay you will be another member of the family.

au pair

Anyone who wishes to be an Au Pair must have child management skills and be good with children because this will be your primary task.

You must be respectful, friendly, polite and, naturally, interested in being involved in the daily life of the host family.

The programme may last from between 1 and 3 months in the summer to a full year. The maximum possible duration is 2 years. It is important to highlight that an Au Pair is not a household employee, rather a person interested in studying our language and our culture. The idea of the Au Pair is duly regulated internationally and considered to be an "intercultural activity":

European Agreement on "au pair" Placement

Au Pair (typical characteristics)

  • Aged between 18 and 27
  • Has a right to a fully-equipped individual room
  • Is responsible for maintaining this room clean and tidy
  • Helps with domestic chores
  • Receives full board
  • Has free time to attend classes, study and meet people
  • Babysits 1 to 2 nights a week (not consecutive days)
  • Forms part of the family and plays a role in the daily life of this family
  • Entitled to one week's paid holiday for every six months worked
  • Does not have a criminal record
  • Has a European Union health card (if from the EU)
  • Has a driving licence
Host Family requirements



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